March Madness

March Madness image

Recently my daughter asked if we could do the basketball thing again where the winner gets everyone’s favorite candy!  March Madness bracket contests are a favorite in the Eddy house.  No matter how much I study team records, average margin of victory, or coaches’ tournament records, I usually lose to Stephanie “The Rain Man” Eddy, or one of my daughters who pick their favorite team mascots.  March Madness is a yearly reminder that I’m not as smart as I like to think.

Thinking we know what is best is something each of us are tempted with each day.  The Bible talks about when sin came into the world in Genesis 3.

 This “is the first time we run into the lies of Satan, lies with which all people will come to struggle.  It was a new kind of idea that the woman had never run into before, that the God she and Adam were intimate with daily might have a double dealing agenda.  It invited judgement by the created on the Creator.  The lie did not stop there.  Satan went on with the lie that if they would eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, they would be gods themselves.  Then they could make the right life decisions for themselves without referencing God. They would know right and wrong for themselves.  But personal godhood didn’t work out the way they thought.”

“We live every day with the idea that we are making the right decisions for our lives.  Like God, we have the knowledge of good and evil, but we are not infinite in the way He is.  So our view of our choices is limited and often shortsighted.  We cannot see the damage coming from our choices, or the impact of others’ choices who, like us, believe they are making the right decisions…  Damaging collisions between the choices of multiple beings abound.” -The Key To Deep Change, by Dr. Steve Smith, pp. 30-31, emphasis mine

The next time we’re in a disagreement, let’s have the humility to acknowledge we’re tempted every day to think we know what is right but we may be wrong.  And let’s reserve our judgments on being wrong for obvious biblical sin like resentment and lust. May we live with the fruit of the Spirit and allow our infinite God to work out the details.  By the way, this year I’m picking MSU for the final four.  Go green!

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