Waiting On Dad



As a young child I remember being afraid of going to kids church.  I would beg my dad not to make me go.  He would kneel down and put his right arm around me and show me his analog Michigan State watch. He’d say “see the second hand, when it goes around to right here is when I’ll be back to pick you up.” I would often wonder, what if he forgets, maybe he’s not coming back.  As a child my sense of security was in my dad and mom.

While on vacation I would often drive my dad nuts in the morning asking, “What are we doing today? What’s the plan?!” He would usually respond with, “I’m reading the newspaper, find something to do. Ok, sometimes he said, “Go play in the street!” If I didn’t know the plan, I felt insecure.

Recently I have done the same to God, asking “when are you coming, what’s the plan?” You get the idea. And I felt like He said, “Hang on a minute Jay, I’m holding hell at bay so you’re not crushed, and when I’m done, we’ll discuss what’s next.” Finding security in our Heavenly Father and His plan requires us to wait, watching the second hand of God’s watch while He deals with the newspaper of spiritual affairs.

In Daniel 10:13, Daniel is told the delay in the answer to his prayer is because God was dealing with the enemy. Daniel’s told, Do not be afraid, because you have humbled yourself and desired to gain understanding, though delayed 21 days, I have come to help you understand what’s next.

If you’re waiting on God in uncomfortable circumstances, “to those with an anxious heart, take courage, fear not, behold your God will come!” (Is 35:4) He makes all things beautiful in its time Eccl. 3:11.

When my wife was growing up, they would often sing a song at supper time when they were waiting on dad.  “Where is daddy, I don’t know. He was supposed to be here, 5 minutes ago!”

“Do not fear for I am with you, do not anxiously look about you for I am your God. Is 41:10


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