The Office Table


Table with Wade.jpg

This past year I made a table for my office. I wanted my kids to be able to come and sit across from me while they were doing their school work. So in essence, I prepared a table for my children.

Looking back, I think many of my favorite memories involve tables. We ate supper at the dining room table every night together growing up.  I remember having donuts on Saturday mornings at my Grandma June’s table. Grandpa Skipper would add tables in the living room when all the family gathered together over Thanksgiving. We always had a big bowl of popcorn and pizza rolls on the coffee table for Sunday night parties. How about lunch around the pool at the umbrella table in Florida?!

And God prepares a table for us as well. Psalm 23 says He prepares a table for us in the presence of our enemies. No matter how bad life is, God invites us to take a break and enjoy a meal together.

And do you realize the Christmas story involves a table?  When Jesus was born, the Bible says Joseph and Mary laid Him in a manger. A trough. A feeder. It’s basically a table for animals. So when Jesus came at Christmas, he didn’t sit at the kids’ table, he was assigned the animals’ table!

Every time Stephanie and I go to a wedding reception, at some point while sitting at the table enjoying being together, Stephanie will lean over and say, “I think this is the closest we’ll ever be to heaven here on earth.” She’s referring to the wedding banquet of the Lamb. Heaven will be a wedding reception!

God prepares a table for you. Have you come to eat? Have you prepared a table for someone else?!