Unexpected Delays

delayed flights

After Stephanie said yes to my wedding proposal, we sat on the top of the sand dunes over looking Lake Michigan and Silver Lake, and I handed her a Snickers bar and said, “Have a Snickers, we’re not going anywhere for a while!” Those next months leading up to our wedding seemed like the longest months of our lives.

Often times it feels like we need a Snickers in our relationship to God. We’re all excited about eternity with Him, and then it seems like His direction for tomorrow just vanishes. I know He’s promised, but why is this taking so long? Where did He go?

I wonder if that is how Job felt during his year of suffering? Or if Joseph ever had a Snickers moment in his two or more year imprisonment during his thirteen year debacle? How about David’s 8 years as a caveman? What was Paul doing during those fourteen years of obscurity between his miraculous conversion and his ministry? Zerubbabel endured a 16 year delay.  Maybe the servant of God I most want to talk to in heaven is Caleb, who faithfully and confidently waited 45 years in tents between seeing the promised land and living in it.

But I know for sure God didn’t forget these men. And He hasn’t forgotten you either. And I know for sure these hard events in their lives in no way damaged how God was to use them. Neither has what’s happened in your life damaged in any way how God has planned to use you from before you were born!

John 12:24 says, “Unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies it bears no fruit.” Death hurts so badly. Paul said, “I am called; that is why I have suffered” (2Ti. 1:11-12). When you are suffering, don’t think you were wrong about your calling. Your suffering PROVES that you are called. Have a Snickers – He will come.

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